Insecurity is something we have to face every once in a while no matter how much we hate it. While its a natural feature human beings are born with but it can be minimized to some degree.

Though I don’t expect anyone to fully agree with my hypothesis but I will point out some reasons I observed and felt that trigger insecurity in a person.

Peer Pressure

Pretty obvious reason that triggers insecurity in person who isn’t doing as good as compared to those in their social circle. Its good to feel “competitive” but at the same time it can cause insecurity which leads person to feel worthless if they are underachievers or average.

How to deal with insecurity from peer pressure?

First understand that nobody is perfect. No matter how “great” and “genius” somebody is, they weren’t born like that. They worked hard to get to that point. God gave everyone share of strengths, weaknesses and a brain that they can use to explore themselves and find out their strengths, weaknesses and improve themselves constantly.

If you are somebody who is having inferiority complex and insecurity because everyone else is doing better and you are lagging behind (I feel like that too every once in a while), only thing to do is stop looking at what others are doing and focus on what YOU are doing. When we focus on what others do,we ignore things what we are supposed to do so we remain stuck. Once we focus on things we have to do, we just do great and that feeling of insecurity just fades away.

Self Image/ Egoism

Lets be honest,at some point in our lives we all dreamed to be super heroes who could do and accomplish everything. In our minds,we create an image of ourselves who can do everything or do nothing at all (both extreme sides lead to insecurity except reality hits harder those who believe they can do everything all by themselves with me included).

As somebody who has done lots of things all by myself without any favors or help, I grew up believing I didn’t need anyone but boy I was wrong. Sure, I managed to do lots of things by myself but in the end, I am still a human who can’t do everything all by myself which made me insecure and doubt my abilities when I failed at some point.

How to deal with insecurity from self image/egoism

Its fairly common when your expectations come crashing down and you feel totally useless,doubt your abilities and feel like quitting. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a super hero but to reach that point,it takes great effort and dedication which doesn’t just happen but takes plenty of time and patience.

Never ever think you can accomplish everything all by yourself OR you’re just another useless bum who can’t do anything right. Both mindsets are wrong. Like everyone else,you’re a normal human being who has to invest in yourself to reach where you want to be. Keep your goals realistically high and avoid goals that touch the fiction. Once you accept the fact that you’re a human and you work for your goals, your insecurity will disappear.


To conclude this, I would like to address few things.

1. If you’re feeling insecure and useless, its best not to act on your feelings because insecurity can make you things you won’t do in your right mind (I for one made lots of mistakes because of my insecurities which probably went right if I didn’t act on my feelings).

2. Its always best to vent out through productive means (painting, writing or watching cat videos in my case). More you bottle up these insecure feelings, you will end up doing things you will regret later. Better share your feelings with your closed ones instead enduring all by yourself so they can help you better and you wont have to endure much.




I like writing about things I observe and learn.

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Muhammad Mubashir

Muhammad Mubashir

I like writing about things I observe and learn.

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